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Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

I get this error when I run "java -jar deltaxml.jar": Feature Is Locked To A Different Host (-9,3035) code number: -9. How do I fix it?

This error means the HOSTID part of the license file is invalid for the server it is running on.

For a named user license it means that the username in the HOSTID part of the license file does not match the logged in username that the Operating System reports. The named user HOSTID must be the user login name on the server running the software. A common error is to put an email address. This will not work. For example use "johnsmith" instead of "", and put "bloggsj" instead of "".

For a server license it means that the hostname or host address in the license file does not match that of the server the software is run on.

I do not know what to put for my HOSTID? We have a "server 4 cores" license and a Windows server.

On the server, open a Windows command prompt, then type in "hostname" and press return. This will display your hostname. When you activate your license on FNOC, enter this exact string for the HOSTID.

I have put the wrong user in my license. How do I correct this?

There are two ways to change the HOSTID of a license; either rehost the license or return it and then generate it again. The procedures are similar for both; see section How to return a license.

I downloaded version 5 of DocBook Compare. Can I just copy my deltaxml-docbook.lic file from my 4_0 folder into my DeltaXML-DocBook-Compare-5_0_1_j folder?

You can not use a DocBook Compare version 4 license file with version 5. Version 5 of DocBook Compare uses the FlexNet licensing system, compared to version 4 which used a different type of license file. This means you will need to activate, and download your new version 5 license from the FlexNet portal.

I am using a server license. I downloaded the new libraries from flexnet and activated my license using "HOSTNAME=localhost", however when I copied over the libraries and license file, I get this error:
"Exception Details: com.deltaxml.cores9api.LicenseException: LicenseContent problem"

Putting "HOSTID=HOSTNAME=localhost" in the license does not work with FlexNet licensing.  You will need to return or rehost the license on FNOC and then re-activate with the actual hostname for HOSTID. This must be the name of the server you are running the software on.

We are using the DeltaXML Core product. We have had an upgrade notification for XML Compare. What is the difference?

XML Compare is the new name for DeltaXML's XML comparison product. XML Compare was previously called DeltaXML Core, or simply Core. You will see that some XML Compare product API artifacts will still be called core, for example the Java package "com.deltaxml.core" will remain for the time being.

When installing a concurrent user license on Linux I get "error: bad ELF interpreter". Am I missing something?

If you see this message or similar when using the FlexNet "lm" command line tools such as lmgrd and lmhostid, it indicates that you are not running on a Linux Standard Base (LSB) compliant system. Examples of LSB compliant distributions are RedHat Enterprise and CentOS v6 and v7. FlexNet requires Linux distributions to be LSB compliant. You can check this by running "lsb_release" from a terminal. If the command is not there, it is a good indication that FlexNet will not work on that system. You may be able to install a LSB package for your Linux distribution, for example there is a package for Ubuntu. FlexNet requires at least LSB 3.0.

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