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Support Channels

A number of different support resources are available, please try consulting the documentation first and if you cannot resolve your issue then please get in touch using one of the channels below.

Which Channel?

What type of question are you asking? Make sure you check the Documentation first!


Jira Service Desk

Stack Overflow

Email support
(with support contract)

How do I ...?

Why do I get this error?

I'm sure this is a bug...

I have an idea for this great new feature...

Why do you ...?

When will you ...?


We strive to provide good support documentation because we know this is important to users of DeltaXML - please let us know if it needs to be improved in any area.  A link to documentation specific to each product is available at the bottom of each product page. There is an index to these pages and to other general support information, including technical and white papers, in our Documentation page.

Support Channels

Customer Support

Full email, telephone and service desk support is available to DeltaXML customers (OEM and Enterprise) with a support contract. This is one-to-one support directly with DeltaXML developers, and the appropriate contact or access information will be provided to these customers.  We have defined support hours (but please note that we are in the UK) and will strive to respond to/resolve issues in a timely manner.

Providing support to our customers is our top priority, and we will work with you to resolve any problem you may have when integrating DeltaXML software.

Customers with support contracts may choose to use these channels if they are concerned about confidentiality or data privacy, however, they are also welcome to use Stack Overflow and our forums.

Access to the Customer Support Portal (using Jira Service Desk) is correlated to customer support information and organizations and user accounts are provided for our customers.  We are gradually migrating our existing customers to this new support system, but existing customers should also contact us if they wish to start using the portal immediately.

Jira Service Desk Evaluation Portal

Jira Service Desk is allows users to view the progress and change the state of their support issues.  The Evaluation Support Portal is intended for pre-sales enquiries and users can register for an account.  

Stack Overflow

We encourage technical questions of the 'How do I ...?' or 'Why do I get this error?' nature to be posted on Stack Overflow. We have created a tag - deltaxml - to label all DeltaXML product support questions. You should also label your question with the language you are writing (most likely, or xslt) as well as the xml tag.

If you are unsure if a question belongs on Stack Overflow consider whether you can include a code sample in your question. If not, another support channel may be more appropriate.


Support for our Enterprise and OEM customers is a top priority for DeltaXML. This what some of our customers have said about our support:

"It's terrific to see such quick response and a dramatic, clear improvement in the quality of the edit trace." (Support Case 306)

"great, thanks for the quick response!" (Support Case 304)

"We have successfully tested the new version in our applet and both warnings are gone. Thanks for providing us a solution so quickly." (Support Case 302)

"Thank you very much for your help. With those changes, I am getting the desired output now." (Support Case 300)

"Thank you for your quick response and your very cogent explanation of DeltaXML core comparison methodology." (Support Case 299)

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