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User Guide


XML Compare provides a powerful solution to identify and process the differences between any two XML files that share the same root element. Its primary use is as a toolkit for integration into other systems or applications via comprehensive APIs, but it may also be run standalone from the command-line or a simple GUI.

This user guide introduces you to the XML Compare product, providing a high-level product description along with a look at the main features and concepts associated with this product. You can find more detailed information on the subjects covered here by following the links to an extensive set of tutorials, samples and papers that complement this product.

The Getting Started page provides a quick start for the product as well as a description of all dependencies. The Samples and Guides page gives a summary of all the included samples. An overview of the features in the Document Comparator can be found in the Document Comparator Guide. Comprehensive technical implementation information can be found in the Java API documentation. See also the REST documentation.

The XML Compare API provides a high level of extensibility

The XML Compare approach is unique in that:

  • The change file is recorded in a XML 'delta file'.

  • The delta file has the same look and feel as the original files.

  • The delta file can include changes only or changes plus unchanged data.

  • The delta file is easy to understand and to process because it is an XML file.

  • The delta file can therefore be processed with standard XML tools.

  • Comparison can be customized by defining/extending filter pipelines.

XML Comparison Features

A description of the features of XML Compare

Running a Comparison

Information on the different interfaces that can be used to run XML Compare

Customising a Comparison

Info on pipelines and configuring comparisons

Document Comparison

An overview of the features XML Compare provides to help comparison of documents

Data Comparison

Some of the features that can be useful when comparing data files

System Integration

Information on integrating XML Compare into your system

Output Formats

Details of the various output formats available

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