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Setup your AWS EC2 Instance (Linux)

When setting up our Linux AMI you will need to use AWS IAM and EC2 Consoles.

The first thing we need to do is set up some infrastructure (primarily IAM permissions to make connecting to the AMI easier)

Infrastructure Pre-requisites

Before creating any EC2 instances, we need to create a security role and policy that will eventually lead to us being able to easily connect to our instance via our browser. You can choose one of two methods:


Manually create IAM Role

Create the Instance

Now you’ve got your Infrastructure setup you can go to EC2 and create an instance using the AMI.

Go to the console menu and select EC2.

From the left menu select AMI Catalog and search for DeltaXML in the AWS Marketplace AMIs. Click Select on the DeltaXML AMI and then Launch Instance with AMI.

EC2 Settings:

Set up the EC2 instance as follows:

Instance Type

We recommend t3.large

Key pair (login)

You can proceed without a key pair here.

If you want to SSH in via an SSH client, you will need to create a key pair.

Network Settings

Click on ‘Edit’ and Give the security group the name “DeltaXML AMI” and the description “DeltaXML AMI

Make sure there is a rule of type “SSH” and set the source type to “Anywhere”. If you want to secure the EC2 instance further, you can select “My IP


If you want to use the HTTP web interface for results, create a rule allowing TCP port 8000 from Anywhere/My IP.

If you want to use the Cockpit web interface, create a rule allowing TCP port 9090 from Anywhere/My IP.


Leave as default

Advanced Details

IMPORTANT - if you don’t do this setting, you may not be able to connect to the instance when creation is complete

Find the “IAM Instance Profile” option and select the IAM profile we created earlier from the list.

Everything else can stay as default.

With those settings in place, you can click “Launch Instance”.

Wait for the Instance state to update to Running, then you can continue to connect to the EC2 instance.

Connect using EC2-Connect and ‘deltaxml’ user (prefer EC2-Connect)

In the EC2 Console, select your instance and click ‘Connect'

Choose the “EC2 Instance Connect” tab and make sure to set the username to “deltaxml

NOTE: If the connection fails - check you have done the above setup with the IAM Role and that Role is associated with your EC2 Instance.


Your DeltaXML demonstration Windows VM is ready to go. Get a quick tour of what’s on the VM here:
What's on your AMI (Linux)

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