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oXygen Merge Resolver


An add-on for the Oxygen XML Editor provides an interactive merge change viewing and conflict resolution capability. It makes use of the extensible form based controls provided in Oxygen's author mode and it can therefore be used with both the Oxygen editor and author products.

Sample Data

The add-on will take all forms of output generated from the merge API and command-line tools. Please see the Sample Data section for some prepared data that could be used directly with the add-on prior to downloading the merge product release

Downloading and using the Oxygen add-on mechanism

The Merge product generates outputs which can be used with our Oxygen XML Editor add-on. The add-on includes a number of aspects of functionality which relate to DeltaXML products such as the ability to invoke our comparison products. To use the merge change display and conflict resolving capability certain versions of Oxygen are required. If an unsupported version is being used a warning dialog will be presented giving information about version compatibility. Please note that the merge version compatibility is unrelated to the overall add-on versioning which is managed through the add-on mechanism in Oxygen.

To install and try out the add-on, please follow the steps described in the Installing the Adaptor section of the Oxygen Adaptor Install Guide. Note that the 'Adding a comparator' section in this install guide is relevant to other DeltaXML products but does not apply for DeltaXML DITA Merge.

Using the resolver

Once the add-on is installed, the DeltaXML toolbar will be displayed as shown in the screen shot below. This toolbar is used to convert the DITA Merge result and then display and manage changes in Oxygen.

Full details on using the resolver can be viewed in the Oxygen Adaptor Usage document.

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